How to Lose Weight With Medical Products?

How to Lose Weight With Lifestyle Diets?

How to lose weight effectively is a very good thing that is being thought by every person. Today’s article is all about losing weight.

 The weight is to be lost by the people who want to lose weight. The weight loss is treated medically. The weight loss is treated by using different medical products.

These are the natural herbs or the supplements etc. These are very helpful in losing weight. The weight loss is to be very effectively treated by different things.

These things are natural or ma-made. So, we can say that we should not be worried about the weight loss. The weight loss is to be measured on daily basis.

The weight loss is also treated by the people who are willing to lose weight. The weight loss can be done by having different things that are very effective for losing weight.

 So, we can say that the weight loss is very good thing. It is to be lost by the medical products. The medical products are available in the market.

Its turn out to be growing clear that diets do not work. Most of the favored diets that folks have tried over the previous few years centered on limiting and even eliminating complete meals teams.

 People misplaced weight on these diets after which, after all gained the load again. Now there’s a small and hopefully rising pattern in the direction of way of life diets.

Lifestyle diets concentrate on how one lives after which proposes straightforward to implement modifications to assist individuals to lose and most significantly preserve weight off.

 This is essential as a result of yo yo weight-reduction plan is harmful and will trigger some critical wellbeing threats.

A research achieved on the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center by Dr. Ulrich discovered that the ladies who yo yo dieted essentially the most had a decrease variety of pure killer cells. These killer cells are the cells in your immune system that goal at viruses.

The assertion above doesn’t imply that folks mustn’t attempt to shed pounds. Obesity contributes to many illness states and is being thought of as a separate danger issue when wellbeing care professionals consider coronary heart illness danger.

What this does imply is that folks have to shed pounds by making small modifications that match into their lives.

 Here are some rules that folks can observe to make small modifications with a view to obtain everlasting weight reduction:

Plan Ahead

Portion Control

Fill Up With Fiber

Take 3 Deep Breaths and Drink Water

Balance Your Choice


Plan Ahead

Eating mindlessly with no plan is like driving to a brand new vacation spot with no instructions. You have to have a plan for consuming at residence, work and whereas touring or consuming out.

 Fill your fridge with recent reduce greens and fruits so that they are straightforward to get to. If it’s important to preserve excessive fats and sugar meals in your house, put them someplace the place it is troublesome so that you can get to and avoid that meals.

 Better but, do not have it in your house within the first place. Buy pre-cooked lean protein, low fats excessive fiber cereals or low sodium, low fats frozen dinners so that there’s at all times wholesome meals round.

Portion Control

This is among the most essential areas of any way of life food plan. Some individuals refuse to eat “rabbit food” and have lives that socially revolve round meals that is not good for weight reduction.

These individuals will do greatest by considerably decreasing their parts. Start by leaving a 3rd of what you usually eat in your plate.

Fill Up With Fiber

Fiber is a vital a part of weight reduction as a result of it makes you’re feeling full and helps you with elimination.

When buying cereals, verify the label for a fiber variety of over 5 grams. This shall be beneath the carbohydrate part. You may get numerous nice fiber from vegetables and fruit.

Take 3 Deep Breaths and Drink Water

When you might be about to binge and are consuming out of emotion versus starvation do this: cease and take three lengthy and gradual deep breath, exhaling as slowly as attainable.

 Then drink a giant glass of water and wait 10 minutes earlier than you go for that binge. You simply could skip it.

Balance Your Choice

 This step has a small studying curve, however attempt to have a little bit of a protein and a carbohydrate with each meal. This will assist to regulate your blood sugar ranges and insure extra satisfactory diet.


Everyone wants a break and in the event you cease consuming all of the meals that you just take pleasure in, you’ll resent your consuming habits and binge.

Therefore, plan sooner or later per week, it may very well be a particular occasion the place you permit yourself a few of your favorite meals. Try to nonetheless concentrate on parts if you do that.

How to Lose Weight With Phentermine?

Many women at this time are in a damsel in misery mode, very a lot a contemporary prototype of the Victorian dames, fearful about their determine.

The bodily and psychological outlook of ladies have advanced with the passage of time, however sure issues near their coronary heart stay unchanged.

An hourglass form then is a pencil skinny determine now, with a report 83 % of feminine school college students hooked to weight-reduction plan practices.

They strive each methods of the commerce from skipping breakfast and smoking to vomiting and popping weight loss supplements within the quest for a skinny and hip look.

Weight loss is not any extra a priority confined to the overweight alone, as many women use push and ram methodology to (miss) handle their weight without caring a hoot for the place of their physique weight within the BMI scale.

 The state of affairs just isn’t weight reduction for a more healthy finish, however a prettier and thinner finish.

With the younger feminine crowd consumed an everyday weight loss program of cleaning soap operas, they appear as much as the actresses for trend and weight-reduction plan inspirations.

Though it’s no imply feat to realize and replicate the determine and form of the display screen goddesses in actual life, the ladies are keener, the extra surreal and weird, the perfect determine is.

Anticipation for a dream kind and description drives the younger bunch loco, as they resort to any and each obtainable methods and means to get to a pedestal, the place they’d be the envy of everybody.

Slim or stout, it does not matter, because it’s all about weight reduction for the sake of weight reduction.

 Their youthful tirade and diatribe is frustrating to the purpose of utter madness and profanity. They know no proper and flawed, they visualize solely the artist’s impression of a perfectionist.

Fashion assertion in schools displays the digital medium, and it’s occurring to emulate what they see on display screen.

It makes weight reduction a cool proposition among the many feminine school college students. It retains them going.

Determined there, however profitable they aren’t in terms of weight reduction in its totality and entirety.

Only when their makes an attempt at skipping breakfast for days and months at a stretch, chain smoking and vomiting go down the drain, futile and in useless, do they notice that weight reduction is not any kid’s play.

 The youthful lot has no time and endurance for wholesome bodily exercises. Tell them and they’d inform you concerning the time and house constraints for such actions.

They like to drop extra pounds, however not the exhausting manner, in any case they’re the kids of a brand new world, the place every little thing comes wrapped in a bundle.

And sure the trendy ‘press-button’ tradition sees to it that its kids should not let down. In comes Phentermine, a weight reduction weight loss program capsule to point out them the best way out with out as a lot physicality as is mostly required for weight reduction.

With its urge for food suppressing traits, Phentermine drives away the starvation quotient in them, making their weight reduction regime rather a lot simpler and effectual than skipping meals or smoking.

Phentermine is sizzling commodity within the campus (women rely on them greater than their beaus).

Weight loss could also be a cool factor to do, and Phentermine could also be a sizzling capsule to pop, however at all times preserve this in the back of your thoughts that weight reduction is all about bodily, psychological and non-secular wholeness.

When you employ methods alien to your system for weight reduction, you’re merely supporting yourself on crutches as an alternative of studying to stroll independently.

How to Lose Weight With Weight Loss Diet Pills and Phentermine?

Diet drugs have been getting their justifiable share of publicity lately, although one is commonly saved questioning on the information, fictions and myths behind each press word launched by the pharmaceutical corporations selling the medicine, and the vital stand taken by different medical scientists after their very own medical research of the medicine.

 Sadly for them, the confrontation over the secure use of weight reduction drugs has confused and baffled the overweight to no ends.

A layman, who’s genuinely chubby and overweight, is in a dilemma over the selection. She does not know whom to hearken to, the drug makers or the security brigade; helpless, she finally ends up being overweight.

Generally, even a layman will not want an informed guess to learn between the strains of the warnings and security measures given on the labels of the medicine.

But what stays hidden behind the usual warnings is a thriller, until they’re introduced into discover by the staunch supporters of a rival drug firm.

 There is simply a “smoking is injurious to health” tag on a cigarette packet; cigarette corporations do not show the varied harms of nicotine on the packet.

 But society will not be bereft of people and organizations that expose the harms medicine can do to society.

But even the voice that stands for the better frequent good will get corrupted in the long term, with bias and favoritism diluting the entire concept they have an inclination to share with the folks.

We usually come throughout this disturbing tendency of corporations and organizations operating down one another, pushed by the only motive of earnings.

Many wellbeing analysts critically dissect explicit medicine into shreds, exposing the harms of each single part, even to the purpose of ruling out the general utility of the components as an entire, single unit.

They cross these judgmental dictates on a selected drug to advertise another, which they swear is a greater choice than the others.

It is certainly a testing time for an affected person. Would she cease taking Phentermine prescribed by her physician, if some loopy loon of a blogger writes that it has unwanted side effects that may kill?

 May be she will not, however a nagging thought would linger in her thoughts making her stressed and unhappy, pricking her focus on the load loss program. I do not suppose her weight reduction program would present indicators of progress.

Well, for as soon as, let’s get the information straight. Some slimming capsules are prone to be made out there over-the-counter in a short while by the FDA.

With this transfer, many overweight and chubby folks, unable to get a prescription for very real causes earlier, can have a quick access to those medicine.

Yes, we won’t rule out the chances of unwanted side effects, in case sufferers have taken it exterior the medical supervision of a certified weight reduction skilled.

 But, instruments like slimming capsules are positively a should for weight reduction, if you’re in search of substantial weight discount and never a mere slimming all the way down to make a trend assertion.

Phentermine is usually a profitable agent for weight reduction, however keep in mind it isn’t the entire and supreme weight reduction answer.

You have to put your efforts on many fronts different than simply downing the slimming capsules for a holistic weight reduction regime.

Phentermine together with an efficient LEARN (life-style, train, perspective, relationship, diet) program is the most effective weight reduction different.

 Don’t get distracted with all of the noises created over, “your pill is bad and my therapy is best,” simply observe the decision of your coronary heart.

How to Lose Weight With The “Cause And Effect” Principle?

A basic precept is at work in the entire organic strategy of weight achieve and weight reduction.

Whenever our consumption of meals (our supply of vitality and constructing materials) exceeds our wants, our well-designed our bodies will retailer the surplus.

The weight reduction business now capitalizes on the frenzy that has been created because the cycle of weight-gain and weight-loss is repeated.

From weight reduction drugs and potions to low carb diets, individuals are doing the whole lot to drop extra pounds besides attacking the issue on the root trigger.

When frequent weight reduction strategies fail, those that can afford it flip to surgical procedure. But as researchers are discovering, “this last resort offers impressive benefits, but it’s not risk-free.” And it nonetheless doesn’t get to the basic reason behind the issue – life-style habits.

People are fatter these days. Gone are the times once we used to stroll to the neighborhood grocery retailer. Today we drive nearly in every single place we go.

The following is an announcement from the Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology.

 The worldwide epidemic of extra weight is as a result of imbalance between bodily exercise and dietary vitality consumption.” It is trigger and impact.

It is what we eat

Our meals is extra refined and has much less fiber. We suppose it’s higher to separate the fiber from the meals and eat them individually. Have you heard of dietary fiber dietary supplements?

Nearly 80% of Americans don’t eat fruit and greens on a regular basis. We eat excessive calorie, fatty meals that style nice!

 We have one of the best tasting meals, many eating places and meals merchandising machines per sq. mile, and lanes of excessive ld. cholesterol, excessive fats delicacies.

We are a giant nation. Patrons at standard eating places imagine very serving should be a “biggie” for them to get their cash’s price. Now, we personal weight problems. But it is killing us.

It is once we eat

We eat late, skip breakfast, snack like grazing cattle, and do not train. We eat extra and have eradicated all our have to stroll.

One dietitian is quoted as saying, “I’ve yet to meet an overweight person who doesn’t skip breakfast and snack at night.”

Most chubby folks do not imagine that skipping breakfast can contribute to weight problems. But it does.

Breakfast is our most necessary meal. After resting throughout the night time, the physique is able to get its contemporary provide of vitality for the day. Don’t simply give it caffeine.

It is an effective factor to offer the abdomen time to relaxation between meals. This would not occur once we snack all day.

 The coronary heart rests between beats, our mind rests once we sleep, our stomachs want relaxation too.

Since it takes about Four hours to utterly digest and remove a meal, it’s a good factor to eat each 5 to six hours and don’t snack in between.

I hear you say, “But I’m diabetic, I can’t do that!” Well, this diabetic does that on a regular basis, without remedy! With the precise weight loss program and life-style, it may be finished with wonderful outcomes.

So what will we do now?

Let us stroll it over. If you’re chubby and may transfer, begin strolling. It works and it’s free. Start small, be constant, and most of all, be affected person.

I do know firsthand that this works. I’m diabetic however my weight is right. I stroll an entire lot, and I like to see my blood take a look at outcomes each time.

There is nobody factor that constitutes a wholesome life-style. We must be vigilant in all areas that impression our wellbeing and well-being.

Many of those facets are mentioned at on my web site the place I inform my private story. Health is valuable, and we should select it day by day, remembering that for impact there was a trigger.

How to Lose Weight With Eating More?

Recently, somebody requested me for my views concerning the quantity of each day energy they need to devour, and whether or not an 800-1000 energy’ consumption will help to hurry up their weight reduction.

I assumed that is one thing you would be involved in, so I’m going to share my ideas with you as properly.

You’ve in all probability heard this many instances: consuming too many energy makes us obese. Of course, that is TRUE…

Both consuming much less and exercising extra will most undoubtedly lead to weight reduction.

It’s an easy matter of arithmetic — in case your “calories out” is greater than your “calories in”, you’ll drop a few pounds.

Thus, it turns into very pure of us to assume that if chopping energy is such an excellent factor, then the extra you narrow, the higher, proper? Doesn’t this imply that we’ll lose the surplus weight quicker?

In actuality, it’s not so.

Making a too-drastic lower in your caloric consumption is a really, very dangerous concept.

If you will have been weight-reduction plan for some time, you’d discover that the extraordinarily low-calorie diets have been round for the longest time. But curiously, more often than not they do not result in everlasting weight reduction.

Nonetheless, I’ve heard folks discussing diets that suggest as little as 800 energy a day! I’m right here to let you know that this type of low ranges is downright harmful to your wellbeing.

According to weight reduction specialists, chopping your consumption all the way down to, or underneath, 1000 energy per day units you up for an inevitable failure.


Because while you scale back your caloric consumption all the way down to this low, you’re truly sending your physique into “starvation mode” by consuming far too little.

In easy phrases, your physique will begin to assume that there’s a famine. And with the intention to keep your weight whereas it “thinks” you’re ravenous, your physique’s metabolism fee will truly decelerate. And your physique will then begin to retailer the energy into your fats cells as an alternative.

If you need to forestall yourself from falling into this hunger mode “trap”, you should first know what number of energy your physique requires on a regular basis to take care of itself.

A fast and simple method to do that is to make use of the instruments which are discovered on our Web website to present you an estimate, or you may test with a dietitian or nutritionist.

Whenever you prohibit energy beneath the extent that you simply physique must operate, your physique senses hunger and switches into the “conservation” mode.

The extra you prohibit energy and the longer you eating regimen, your metabolism will decelerate additional and the extra your fats cells will combat again.

Don’t neglect, you want your metabolism to burn your fats into power to your physique to operate correctly.

Besides, there’s another excuse why excessive low-cal diets will not work — it’s not a simple feat to remain on it for lengthy.

 Dieters who’ve gone on these excessive low-cal diets would additionally expertise unfavorable uncomfortable side effects akin to complications, weak spot, light-headedness and a discount of their ranges of focus.

Finally, while you expertise excessive starvation, the following factor you may are likely to do is to “binge eat”. And guess what?

In the tip, after all of the preliminary effort you’ve got put into dropping the burden, you’ll truly achieve again extra weight than you had misplaced in the course of the eating regimen.

And the worst factor is: The subsequent time you attempt to go on a eating regimen once more, your physique will get smarter and the fats cells will broaden extra to retailer extra energy as they’re on the brink of undergo one other “famine”.

Your metabolism will even be lowered tremendously. You’ll discover that you’re not in a position to lose the burden as quick or as straightforward because the earlier time.

 And you may get annoyed since you’ve needed to deprive yourself of your favorite meals. So what do you do subsequent? You overeat once more.

So, steer clear of these low-cal diets. They aren’t price your time!

How to Lose Weight The Healthy Way?

The key to weight management is holding power consumption (meals) and power output (bodily exercise) in optimum stability.

Thus, a daily program of weight management should embrace a daily program of train and a strict management over calorie consumption.

When your bodily train program burns up extra of the power than you eat, weight reduction will start to happen, so the important thing to a very good program of weight reduction is to cut back your calorie consumption whereas on the identical time utilizing up your saved fats.

Your train program must demand that you simply start to dissipate among the saved fats in your physique so as so that you can shed extra pounds.

How a lot you lose and the way shortly you shed extra pounds goes to be decided by the quantity and kind of exercise you select in your train program and in addition by the quantity and kind of meals you eat.

If you eat 100 energy a day MORE than your physique wants, you’ll acquire roughly 10 kilos in a yr.

 On the opposite hand, if you happen to stroll a mile a day, you’ll burn anyplace from 100 to 1000 energy day by day relying on the standard of the stroll. (A stroll will not be going to make use of as many energy as a brisk stroll.)

A mixture of managed train and managed food plan gives the very best method to weight management.

Since muscle tissue weighs greater than fats tissue, your program of train will not essentially let you know how a lot saved fats you’ve got misplaced.

Fat doesn’t “turn into” muscle tissue. Fat tissue and muscle tissue are two separate issues. Muscle does deplete energy at a quicker charge than fats tissue, and this can immediately have an effect on your physique’s metabolism.

 Your Basal Metabolism Rate is the quantity of power you require to maintain your physique at relaxation.

This can fluctuate along with your age, intercourse, physique measurement, genetic make-up and physique composition.

 People with greater ranges of muscle are likely to have a better metabolism charge and can use extra energy within the resting stage.

This is one cause why frequent train and increase your muscle tissue are essential elements of an efficient weight reduction program.

You could not look like dropping as a lot weight as you’ll hope for, nonetheless, your individual emotions about your improved bodily situation will let you know a terrific deal.

With an efficient train and food plan program, you’ll acquire elevated vitality and an improved power degree, and you’ll get pleasure from life extra once you observe a heather extra energetic life fashion.

How to Lose Weight With Blame It On Iodine?

If you’re critically making an attempt to shed some pounds, likelihood is have tried a number of completely different applications.

Many of you’re nonetheless not getting right down to your required or ultimate weight. One huge cause could possibly be that you’re having issues with one little molecule.

Iodine is the idea for the extraordinarily vital Thyroid Hormone in your physique. That hormone regulates the whole lot out of your metabolism to your digestion.

Because it often slowly creeps up on you, it is rather frequent to not understand that there was a change in your vitality degree, reminiscence, menstrual durations and pores and skin texture.

 You might even be dropping your hair over this one.

The lack of sufficient Thyroid Hormone in your physique known as Hypothyroidism. There are a number of issues that Hypothyroidism will trigger that make you achieve weight.

First of all, it decreases your basal metabolic price and general metabolism. That is the speed that you just expend vitality.

Basically what which means is that the traditional muscle tone is misplaced and your muscle groups are usually far more relaxed than regular.

Your inner organs that use muscle groups may also be affected. You will most likely discover that principally by a change in your bowel habits. You will are inclined to turn into constipated. Just what you wanted!

Muscles want to stay toned to maintain your joints within the correct place. So, they may at all times usually be a little bit tight.

 This makes use of energy (yeah!). Obviously, when they’re extra relaxed than regular, you have a tendency to achieve weight.

Secondly, lack of Thyroid Hormone will make you lazy. At least that’s my excuse.

Dr. Oliver Sacks (made well-known within the film Awakenings) describes one man that needed to be helped away from bed within the morning.

He was then fed and led to a chair within the nook. In the night he was led again to mattress. During the day he wouldn’t even speak.

This occurred day after day for years! Finally, for some cause, he ended up on the doc’s workplace and was discovered to be severely hypothyroid.

 He returned to regular with remedy, however didn’t even bear in mind all these years the place he was a zombie.

If you believe you studied that you just may need hypothyroidism contemplate these related signs: dry pores and skin, brittle nails, constipation, irregular or heavy menstrual durations (if you’re male, you most likely will not develop this one), feeling drained and weak, chilly pores and skin, coarse, retaining water or thinning hair. Any, or all of those can happen.

You have an elevated probability of getting this situation you probably have a swelling within the entrance of your neck referred to as a goiter, diabetes, patches of sunshine pores and skin (not at all times, however there’s a particular situation inflicting this that additionally impacts the thyroid), iodine deficiency and a few drugs. Some girls develop this as a complication of being pregnant.

If you at all times purchase salt with no iodine, there’s a slight probability that you may develop hypothyroidism because of the shortage of iodine.

Remember, iodine is a part of the thyroid hormone molecule. Without iodine, your physique can not make the hormone.

When you assume you might have hypothyroidism, you must see your medical physician to get a blood take a look at.

One factor that the majority docs will not inform you is that it’s good to be in any other case feeling fairly good through the take a look at.

There is one situation referred to as Euthyroid Sick Syndrome that can trigger low Thyroid Hormone ranges if you end up sick.

But the hormone ranges can return to regular whenever you get effectively. So, it’s higher to get the degrees checked whenever you get effectively with the intention to have a correct take a look at.

Assuming that you’ve got guessed proper, your physician will prescribe a thyroid hormone complement that can get you feeling higher.

 The solely drawback at this level is that it’s usually difficult to get the correct quantity into your system.

You will usually bounce forwards and backwards between feeling weak and drained and feeling jittery. But along with your docs assist, that ought to diminish pretty shortly.

The excellent news is that when your thyroid is in management, you’ll really feel a lot better, have extra vitality and be again on monitor along with your weight management.

How to Lose Weight With The Reason You Can’t Lose Weight?

There is a typical false impression that you must starve yourself to shed weight. This is just not true! On the opposite, you should eat to shed weight.

It is the Glycemic index that may enable you to decide what occurs in your physique. Let me clarify.

Your physique wants glucose, which is a type of sugar, and is the principle gasoline for the physique.

The physique is consistently attempting to keep up blood sugar ranges and it’s the carbohydrates we eat that turns into glucose which works immediately into the blood stream to feed all of the cells of the physique.

Glucose is the one gasoline your mind makes use of and it’s the mind that makes use of extra power than another a part of your physique.

If your blood sugar goes down, it starves the mind and all kinds of signs can happen equivalent to feeling weak and sluggish, drowsy, dizzy, confused, headache, irritability, trembling, fast coronary heart beat, and even nervousness and panic assaults.

Carbohydrates alone don’t make a wholesome physique. We want a steadiness of protein, carbohydrates, fats, water and train to keep up wellbeing.

 The greatest problem that we now have with weight issues is over indulging in excessive glycemic meals. These are the meals that include an excessive amount of sugar or meals which might be refined carbohydrates.

If you over take pleasure in carbohydrates, (which produce insulin) then the surplus glucose will get saved as fats.

 You can counter that by consuming protein with it, (which produces glucagons). Glucagons promote the utilization of fats for use for power.

 Insulin and glucagon’s in steadiness keep regular blood sugar ranges. A physique in an excessive insulin state promotes extra saved fats and illness.

The meals which might be excessive on the glycemic index are meals equivalent to the foundation household, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, rutabaga, yams and so forth.

If you need to eat potatoes then I’d go for the yams or candy potato (without the honey and brown sugar). They are the bottom on the glycemic scale.

Also rice, pasta, corn, most breads are excessive on the dimensions in addition to some fruits like bananas, apricots and pineapple.

Some low index meals are greens equivalent to broccoli, the lettuce and cabbage household, varied beans, dairy and soy.

I’d additionally wish to make a point out about fats. Fat in itself is just not the unhealthy man. Our diets require fats to stay wholesome.

Fat offers gasoline for the physique plus it helps within the improvement of cell membranes and hormones and likewise helps to insulate our bodies.

Fat in our meals is what offers us that glad feeling. You do not want very a lot fats consumption. Stick with good fat like olive oil and steer clear of saturated or trans-fat.

Portion measurement is essential. The rule to recollect is; you probably have roughly three oz. of protein and you’ve got an excessive index carb.

Then eat solely 3oz of that carb. It is a one to at least one ratio. A protein and a low index carb. Could be three zoo protein and 6 zoo carb. It is a 1 to 2 ratio.

If you eat 6 small meals per day within the appropriate ratio then it’s best to simply be capable of shed weight.

The weight loss is also done by the simple weight loss diet plans and simple tips to lose weight. The weight loss is measured by the people who want to lose weight.

The weight loss is not a very impossible thing. So, we can say that the people who want to lose weight are the most amazing ones.

They should lose weight by following some tips on the weight loss. The weight loss is also treated with so many products.

The weight is gained by the carelessness in our eating habits. The weight is to be measured by the very simple things that are to be applied in our daily life.

The weight loss is easily done when we have the urge to lose weight. We can control our body for losing and gaining weight.

The weight is to be searched out online, also read online books on weight loss, search out some magazines and newspapers for effective weight loss tips and methods to lose weight and lose belly fat.



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